Intermezzo is a 2:30 minute sound piece of my mother sitting down at the piano to practice for Easter Mass in Suðureyri. The one thing you hear is the moment between acts when the flow of the music stops and the player takes a moment to leaf through the pages.

One listens to her prepare both physically and mentally, one hears how she chooses places that prove challening, one hears her achieve full concentration to play Sarabande and Preludium nr. 56 by Johan Sebastian Bach, Dernier Couple, Amen by Handel, Sarabande by Domenico Zipoli and last Courante by Gottfried Kirchoff. One listens to her groan and sigh, hears how turning the pages sometimes becomes more agitated, notices her respect for the rehearsal and gets to know her long standing and disciplined relationship with the piano. One also gets to know the relationship between my parents when you hear my father whistle along with the tune she is playing and their home where the dryer sounds in the background.

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