Gentle northerly winds and calm seas
Installation view, Reykjavík Art Museum, 2017
Collaboration with Margrét Arnardóttir on accordion.

It was midsummer and the weather was gentle with northerly winds and calm seas. A boat capsized. Was it the undercurrent or was it something else? Rational thinking leads us to some conclusion but the gap between those fated to die and those destined to live will always be there.

A wind and wave forecast has been turned into notation for accordion. The accordion player interprets the transcript with the multiple sounds an accordion has to give, sounds of variations in the weather, of the ocean and last the sound of breathing. Glass panels hang from the ceiling on a thin wire. The tension of the material hover in space in search of security. The picture is clear, soft, sharp and rough, all at the same time. Like every man´s life.

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